Digital Innovation Hub for HPC and Data Science

RBI-DIH promoting, integrating and accelerating usage of HPC technology to SMEs


In order to increase the concreteness, level of digitization and creation of innovative new products for INDUSTRY 4.0, and oriented to the future INDUSTRY 5.0 (AI  and cooperative systems) RBI-DIH wants to accelerate SME companies with advanced HPC analytics and other approaches based on cyber-physical systems. The mission  are in line with EU Innovation Union the Digital Factory Concept (DFC) and Factory for Future.

RBI-DIH is involved in H2020 SESAMENET, promoting application of HPC technologies for improving SME-s production processes. As a member of Euro Competence Centre, 5.3 Task lieder for Technology Transfer/Business Development, performs the transfer of HPC technologies to SME companies in the form of education, expert consulting, and application support and as a partner in projects. In 2018 RBI got the label “I4MS-SAE”, with which the programmes of I4MS (ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs) and SAE reward successful application experiments. RBI’s expertise includes: EuroCC (National Competence Centres in EuroHPC framework) tasks force expertise, high-performance computing applications, development and administration of HPC systems and implementation of AI (machine learning, deep learning).

European Union - Horizon 2020

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme

Our projects

We realized two successfully funded Open Calls with IRB-DIH coordinations


Fusion of ECG and motion sensor data (RBI, JSI and Savy do.o)


Advanced Clothing Production by Additive Manufacturing (RBI, DP, Yotta, Mikrotvornica)

Going on project initiatives

EDIH initiatives selected and supported by Ministry of Science and Education

EDIH AI4HEALTH.Cro: AI for Smart Health and Medicine 14 partners from Medical orientation instituts and business subjects.

EDIH ADRIA: University of Rijeka, covering S3 in segment blue ecology , living conditions, environment protection

Karolj Skala

Ines Cigula