Digital Innovation Hub for HPC and Data Science

RBI DIH promoting, integrating and accelerating usage of HPC technology to SMEs


Nonprofit RBI DIH is offered by the Center for Informatics and Computing, an organizational unit of the Ruđer Bošković Institute, where research projects, development programs, and services for scientists and industry in the areas of information technology and computing are carried out. The mission and objectives are in line with the EU Innovation Union, the Digital Factory Concept (DFC) and the Factory for Future. Involved in H2020 projects to promote the application of HPC technologies to improve the production processes of SMEs.

RBI DIH was created out of the need to involve SMEs in framework projects (FP6, FP7, H2020). Given the need for their technological upgrading, we launched RBI DIH, which opened a system of cooperation and prepared SMEs to participate in the development of innovative products and services and to participate in EU projects. In this context, we enabled the use of HPC infrastructure and held a series of online and hands-on workshops. In our work so far, we have followed the smart specialization of the S3 strategy and various EU policy determinants, trying to align thematic activities according to needs and interests.

RBI DIH objectives

  • Scientific research and development: to promote the state of the art in new technologies by providing research funding at national and international levels;
  • Technology transfer: to support the scientific community and the transfer of technology from academia to industry and government, encouraging the growth of SMEs and large enterprises in Croatia;
  • Consultancies and maintain resources: providing know-how and expertise on Data Science, maintain HPC, IoT/ CPS, DEW Computing, CLOUD, resources and supporting industry with access to advanced computing facilities and expertise;
  • Education and training: Conduct educational activities in EU educational networks and conferences at local and global level;
  • Innovation and exploitation activities: Supporting innovative and creative activities, technology transfer and providing expertise to industry and government to promote economic growth;
  • Networking and dissemination: building strategic partnerships at national and EU level with academic and industrial stakeholders.

European Union - Horizon 2020

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme

Our projects

We realized two successfully funded Open Calls with IRB-DIH coordinations



Fusion of ECG and motion sensor data (RBI/CIR, JSI and Savy do.o)

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Multi-head Additive Manufacturing with Optimal HPC Thermal Stabilization (RBI/CIR, Mikrotvornica, Yotta)

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Advanced Clothing Production by Additive Manufacturing (RBI/CIR, DP, Yotta, Mikrotvornica)

Going on project initiatives

EDIH initiatives selected and supported by Ministry of Science and Education

EDIH AI4HEALTH.Cro: AI for Smart Health and Medicine 14 partners from Medical orientation instituts and business subjects.

EDIH ADRIA: University of Rijeka, covering S3 in segment blue ecology , living conditions, environment protection

Karolj Skala

Ines Cigula