Big progress on AMOTS project

As part of the FF4EuroHPC project on the Modax machine, modifications were made and mechanical elements were added, as well as design interventions on exterior panels and doors, which are crucial in achieving project results and testing the impact of the heated chamber on the manufactured part.

The newly created design of the machine also has a commercial role for the later commercialization of 3D printers of larger dimensions with a closed working chamber.

Regarding the project itself and its simulation, the closed chamber will enable the simulation of the temperature stress of the machine profile directly from the CAD model or CAD assembly.

On the machine renders you can see the complete construction of the machine, the most important thing is to notice the sheet metal framework of the machine and also Plexiglas doors (double-leaf for the lower part of the machine and single-leaf for the upper part). Both parts of the machine together form a closed heated version of the 3D printer that allows working with engineering materials, i.e. polymers with advanced mechanical and / or chemical properties

AMOTS experiment is financed through European initiative FF4EuroHPC.

Centre for Informatics and computing, together with Yotta Advanced Computing as partners on this project, are providing experience and expertise in HPC application.

Big progress on AMOTS project